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The Gaysian Podcast

Sep 5, 2018

This week's episode is with the wonderful women from The Aravani Art Project, an art collective based in Bangalore India that is focused on focused on creating space for the Trans community to connect with other communities and cultures in their local neighborhoods. I sat down with Poornima, Sadhna, Chandri, and Priyanka in the Analog Lab at Facebook HQ to chat about everything from how the Art Project began to the language used around the trans community in India.

Follow the art project on instagram at @aravaniartproject, and The Gaysian Project @thegaysianproject

Poornima: @poornimatravellingsukumar


Priyanka: @priyankadivaakar


Host: Maya Reddy (@mredds)

Producer: Andie Wheatley (@andiewheatley)

Consultant: Caty Zick