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The Gaysian Podcast

Dec 20, 2018

This week’s episode is with two of the hosts of a podcast called “The Queer Arabs”, Alia and Ellie and I am thrilled that it is the first installment of our “DIS-ORIENT” series! For those of you that may not know “DIS-ORIENT” is a new series from The Gaysian Project of conversations across mediums that seeks to disrupt the way in which Asians are viewed in the West. A way to celebrate and define what it means to be Asian and Queer Asian on our terms. And this conversation felt like the perfect way to kick things off!

We talked about the erasure of Middle Eastern or South West Asian identities and cultures from an Asian narrative, navigating living in the United States post911 as Brown Asians, lamenting on how Asian cultures are considered so separate from each other when in fact we share so much, finding other queer folks from your culture, and a 30 second primer on the history of the French in Lebanon.

You can find The Queer Arabs across all platforms at @TheQueerArabs

and you can find us on instagram @TheGaysianProject